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Who we are and how we work

Quick on our feet

We are a small virtual team and we work with you closely. We’ll be in contact with you on an almost daily basis when you need us. And (within reason) we are available to talk or respond to your requests at any time.

Simon Meredith – Advisor/Copywriter

Simon has worked in and with IT channel media for more than 25 years. He acts as a strategic advisor, consultant and copywriter. His interests include art and literature and he’s also a keen runner.


Call: 07850 144189

Neville Street – Media Liaison

Neville is a PR pro of many years standing. As well as working with local music, arts and small businesses, he has been liaising with the channel for over 15 years. In his spare time, Nev is an enthusiastic amateur actor, snow-boarder and cajon player.


Call: 07967 717259

Nev and Simon are the core team, but we can also call on the expertise and insight of many other experts as and when we need to. Most of these people are not just associates – they are friends. We have good relationships with media people, PR experts, designers, video makers and other specialists. We’re a small team, so we can be dynamic and responsive at all times.

Finding stories to tell

We talk to you. We ask questions, discuss ideas and draw out the stories that will strike a chord with the channel press and their readership.

You might not think that you have much – or even anything – to say. But if you have services, solutions, products or ideas that can make a difference to IT resellers and solutions providers, retailers, comms or mobile dealers,  VARs, systems integrators and ISVs, or any other third party, we assure you that you WILL have stories you can tell.

Most of what we do is simple common sense. It is not that difficult – you just need someone to help you tell your story.

How much it costs depends, of course, on what you want to do. It’s important to be pragmatic. If you are a small business, you’ll have a limited budget and whatever your size and industry status, you’ll need to have realistic expectations. There is always a way to make it work.

If you want to raise your profile in the channel media and with the channel as a whole, you should talk to us.

Advice and coaching

We can provide you with strategic advice and mentoring in how to communicate your messages and work with channel media. This aspect of our service is entirely personal and thus tailored to your needs by definition. Quite simply, we will talk to you about talking to the media and ensure that you have the understanding of their needs and feel confident in speaking to channel media and providing them with comments and input that will help them produce compelling copy that will attract attention and keep their readers informed and also carry your key messages and help to strengthen, extend and deepen your reputation, both with media and with the channel community.

Media Communication

We will build and tailor appropriate media distribution lists and ensure your stories reach them in a timely fashion. We’ll act as the point of contact and liaison with media for all enquiries and ensure that they get they get the information and feedback they need, and that you make the most of opportunities to responds and maximise any potential to get positive coverage in the channel media.


We can originate media and PR announcements, media responses, opinion articles and blogs, e-books and guides, web copy, news stories, interviews and any other kind if document or material you need. We have extensive experience in producing copy that will communicate your messages and appeal to the defined audience with impact and immediacy. Whether you need work to be turned around fast or you want to refine and hone your messages until the tone and balance is just right, we can work with you to achieve your aims.