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Why it’s still important to put a real face to a name with channel media

12 August 2021 The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been much the same for channel media as it has for everyone else. It’s meant staying away from the office and the close contract with colleagues, which can be a real drawback for journalists, as they are constantly exchanging information and contacts across the desk […]

Women in Channel Awards is a great idea – it’s about time we sorted this out !

27 June 2018 It is not just the IT industry in which there is a hideous gender imbalance – but we to are, it has to be said, pretty bad at promoting women into senior roles. Yes, there are exceptions of course – Meg Whitman and Sheryl Sandberg to name but two. But flick through […]

What I want is not what you want!

05 April 2018 This is obvious, but it needs saying; what you want is not what channel and trade media want. You want to get your messages out there to resellers, retailers, MSPs, dealers and any other third party that can take your product or service to market. What they want is to catch the […]

Getting coverage in the channel media takes focus

28 March 2018 Inherently, the channel media want a completely different angle to stories than the end-user press. This is obvious when you think about it. Resellers, integrators, MSPs and distributors are interested in the profit potential and scale of opportunity a product, technology or service brings. End-users are only interested in how it will […]

The advantage smaller IT firms have over big-name brands when it comes to channel PR

22 March 2018 It may surprise you to hear that smaller firms have any kind of advantage over big industry names when it comes to getting coverage in the channel media. But the same flexibility and agility that will give them an edge in the market can also help then get media coverage. Also, journalists […]

How is not telling anyone good PR?

16 March 2018 Do you find that there are times when your PR company seems to be better at finding reasons not to put channel-focused stories out rather than actively working to communicate news? We’ve come across this situation several times over the past few years and it has always perplexed and frustrated us. How […]

Do you need to do channel-focused PR – or any PR at all – anymore?

11 July 2016 One of the phrases I find myself using when talking about public relations is: ‘Well, if you don’t tell anyone about it, no-one is going to know’. Of course, there are other ways of telling people – email marketing, social media, events, telesales or even going out and selling on the road […]

Do we need the channel press anymore?

12 May 2016 Who exactly reads channel media and what impact does it really have? We must presume it has some or it could not survive; advertisers would not place ads in the print editions or on the web pages; companies would not sponsor and attend their events. What kind of the impact does spending […]