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What I want is not what you want!

05 April 2018

This is obvious, but it needs saying; what you want is not what channel and trade media want. You want to get your messages out there to resellers, retailers, MSPs, dealers and any other third party that can take your product or service to market. What they want is to catch the attention of their potential readers.

Those readers will indeed be resellers, retailers, dealers and so on, but the journalist is only interested in getting their attention – and thus building an audience for her or his website or publication. They do not see it as their job to carry your messages.

Any story you send to them therefore, must both persuade the journalist that the story is something their readers will want to hear about and somehow carry your message. But it is the former that matters to the journalist, not the latter.

Sometimes, the press might seem to get things slightly wrong or mixed-up and when they do, it’s important to remember that they are only trying to attract readers. This is, actually, what you want them to do – if they didn’t, there would be no point in trying to get coverage on their site or in their publication.

If something is obviously wrong, maybe your press release was not clear. But even if it was, they would never carelessly or deliberately get the story mixed up.  They will appreciate it if you put them right, but that must be done in the right way. Remember, for them, it is not about you and your message, it is all about attracting readers.

Simon Meredith