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Talking to people is good PR too

By Simon Meredith

I recently had the pleasure of playing host at the Synaxon UK National Conference in Daventry. The event was truly successful in that everyone who came seemed to be enjoying themselves and had plenty of time to relax and network. It reminded me that events like these are really useful in terms of building and enhancing your reputation in the industry.

Simply by being at a channel event like this, being seen, talking to real people from the industry, face-to-face, can really help you enhance your awareness and perception. As well as major vendors and distributors, key members of channel media were there too.

We all spend a lot of time sat in our offices, attending to our Inbox and following a structured schedule of meetings and commitments. But sometimes it really pays to get out there and simply look people in the eye, shake their hands and catch up with them at a personal as well as a professional level – in an unstructured and unplanned way.

You can find plenty of information and video footage about the conference online – they video team even interviewed me for the event – see