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How is not telling anyone good PR?

16 March 2018

Do you find that there are times when your PR company seems to be better at finding reasons not to put channel-focused stories out rather than actively working to communicate news? We’ve come across this situation several times over the past few years and it has always perplexed and frustrated us.

How is not telling anyone your news going to help you?

Most of the time, the reason given is that the story is not strong enough to merit coverage – and sometimes, they might be right. But what harm can it do if it does not get any actual coverage? At worst it will make it look like you are trying too hard.

As long as the story is relevant to the channel audience, journalists won’t worry too much. Of course, they don’t want irrelevant material – but if you are a channel-facing company, almost anything that you do could have some relevance to the channel. It is just a question of identifying the story, finding an appropriate angle, then writing it and getting it out there.

And you know what, the channel media needs stories. They need to have potential content hitting their Inbox on a regular basis – and if you can provide them with a relevant angle that might just attract the attention of readers, they will be happy to receive your content and consider it.

Even if not every story gets coverage, it will show the channel media that you are active, that you are making things happen and trying to connect with their readers. It will keep you on their radar. That’s all positive. The next time your PR agency tells you a channel story is not worth putting out, we’d recommend you tell them to look at it again – or just get on with it and get it out there.

Simon Meredith