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Getting coverage in the channel media takes focus

28 March 2018

Inherently, the channel media want a completely different angle to stories than the end-user press. This is obvious when you think about it. Resellers, integrators, MSPs and distributors are interested in the profit potential and scale of opportunity a product, technology or service brings. End-users are only interested in how it will benefit them – which is precisely why resellers need to sell benefits rather than speeds and feeds. They can hardly sell a product on the basis that it will help them buy a Ferrari – even if that is their ultimate objective.

The point though is that the story you send to the channel press has to be tailored to their needs. It has to be relevant to their readership (and therefore to them) directly. Sending a story about the amazing new features and benefits of a product or service won’t do – the channel media are just not interested in pure product stories. They need to understand why it might matter to their audience.

You need to focus on the channel stories and develop them separately to end-user stories. The core subject might be the same – the launch of a new product or service, a new partnership or initiative, or a key appointment – but you need to tell the channel media why it matters to their readers.

This is often something that even hi-tech PR firms struggle with, but unless you do allocate some time and effort to focusing on channel specifically, you are not going to get much coverage in channel-focused websites.

Simon Meredith