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Channel PR is about more than just the media

24 June 2015

It’s stating the obvious perhaps to point out that good PR and reputation management is about much more than getting good column inches in the printed or web-based channel media. It’s about what people think of you and your company, and how they talk about you publicly and behind closed doors as well.

Just imagine you are ‘Joe Bloggs’ in the following scenario: When a journalist talks to someone from the channel – a partner, a peer, an analyst, anyone – and one asks of the other (it does not matter who is asking the question and who is answering): ‘Do you know Joe Bloggs?’ you want the answer to be ‘Yeah, I know Joe, he’s a great bloke’.

If instead, the question prompts a less than positive reaction, or even one that’s guarded, your reputation is perhaps not what it should or you would like it to be.

This is why it’s vitally important for you to have good personal relationships with just about everyone in the channel, not just the media. Your reputation will go before you into every meeting, every proposal. If people have a positive perception of you even before you meet them, that’s great. If they have any kind of negative perception, that’ll make things harder for you.

The same thing goes for the reputation of the whole company. If your people are generally liked and you have a reputation for being friendly and a good company to do business with, that reputation will make it easier for you.

The channel media talk to people in the channel every day. With every conversation, views and exchanges about different individuals and businesses will be made and reputations – good and bad – are being shaped and refined all the time.