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Watch out for cross-talk and don’t be drawn into double-speak

01 July 2015 IT channel media talk to and exchange emails with people in the channel every day. No one can control these myriad exchanges and often, there will be quite a lot of cross-talk as well. One day for example, the MD of Company A may talk to the Sales Director of Company B, […]

Channel PR is about more than just the media

24 June 2015 It’s stating the obvious perhaps to point out that good PR and reputation management is about much more than getting good column inches in the printed or web-based channel media. It’s about what people think of you and your company, and how they talk about you publicly and behind closed doors as […]

You are not in control – get used to it

17 June 2015 Behind every press release, there is a story. That’s what one of my colleagues used to say, and I have always remembered it. Often, the release would just be an excuse to make a call to a contact and probe for some real news. It was always worth making a call to […]

Good stories have a life of their own

10 June 2015 A little while ago we worked on a big announcement project involving several parties that had a specific launch date. Obviously, the press release had to be prepared and approved by all concerned beforehand, and so did various other marketing materials. Inevitably, that meant quite a few people getting to know about […]

Painted Life and Channelstar work together on Synaxon video

We recently worked with Painted Life to produce a short video for channel-focused services group, Synaxon. The piece focuses on how IT resellers, retailers and office products dealers can benefit from becoming members of the Synaxon dealer services group. It was shot on a sunny but blustery spring day at the Synaxon offices in Warrington. We’re […]

Thank you for supporting my not-quite-a-half-marathon – a modern parable on the importance of reputation management

By Simon Meredith Thank you to everyone who supported my efforts to raise money for the Hepatitis C Trust by running the Shrewsbury Half Marathon. I did reach my target in the end and I am grateful to everyone who took the trouble to make a donation. I will not forget your kindness. It was […]

Talking to people is good PR too

By Simon Meredith I recently had the pleasure of playing host at the Synaxon UK National Conference in Daventry. The event was truly successful in that everyone who came seemed to be enjoying themselves and had plenty of time to relax and network. It reminded me that events like these are really useful in terms […]

Channel media coverage does have and impact – it’s just hard to say how much

One of our clients was bemoaning the fact that they had spent quite a bit of cash with a channel media website and got no visible returns as a result. Hang on, we said, how do you know that’s the case? Quite simply, you don’t and you never really will – not unless someone calls […]