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Women in Channel Awards is a great idea – it’s about time we sorted this out !

27 June 2018

It is not just the IT industry in which there is a hideous gender imbalance – but we to are, it has to be said, pretty bad at promoting women into senior roles. Yes, there are exceptions of course – Meg Whitman and Sheryl Sandberg to name but two.

But flick through any channel media website or magazine and the chances are that the first time you will see a female face is in an advert. Unfortunately, not only is our industry imbalanced, it is still struggling to shake off old-school sexism.

This is why, in my view, the new Women in Channel Awards programme that is being organised by CRN is a good thing. It is a positive move and will help to raise awareness of gender imbalance the IT sector and add to the momentum that is building around this issue.

We need more women in senior positions in our industry. It will be better and more balanced for it.

Check out this link: Women in Channel Awards

Simon Meredith