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The advantage smaller IT firms have over big-name brands when it comes to channel PR

22 March 2018

It may surprise you to hear that smaller firms have any kind of advantage over big industry names when it comes to getting coverage in the channel media. But the same flexibility and agility that will give them an edge in the market can also help then get media coverage. Also, journalists like smaller firms more than they like big ones – in a head-to-head, they will always favour the underdog.

Smaller businesses can respond faster to industry events, they can make decisions faster and don’t worry as much about their brand consistency. Larger players on the other hand, can’t move as fast. They worry excessively about what they are saying publicly and impose ludicrously long approval processes on PR.

Not all big players are over-restrictive, but many are, and they can also prevent their channel partners from being effective with channel media activity. We had a situation not too long ago where we wanted a partner to ride on the crest of a supplier’s announcement. We had to wait for approval – and by the time it came, the wave had well and truly broken on the shore and the water had ebbed back into the sea.

Whatever size of business you are – and no matter how important you think it is to police and protect your brand – you need to be able to identify stories and get them written and out there fast when the opportunity comes. And if you are a big player, you need to support your partners in doing that too.

Simon Meredith